Hossein A.
October 18, 2020

Shopify Dropshipping With 1 to 3 Business Days

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Back in the early days of online shopping, it wasn't as reliable and streamlined because you had to wait a very long time to receive the package which could take couple of weeks to even a month or two. However, its a complete different landscape today, there are now over 150 million mobile users accessing the Amazon app JUST in the US, and 89% of buyers agree they're more likely to buy from Amazon than other ecommerce websites.

So what made Amazon so popular internationally? Well there are tons of reasons we could dive into, but the one of the reasons that I think gives Amazon a very sharp edge is how fast their shipping times are. With Amazon Prime, you can get your item as fast as the same day you make an order to no more than a week max. They understood the frustrations of online shopping and came up with a solution to take that off.

Starting from 2006 when AliExpress became popular in the US, very few people at the time used the dropshipping method to sell Aliexpress products with a higher margin on other sites and get away with 3-5 weeks shipping. Since the competition in ecommerce has rose significantly in the last few years, as a dropshipping business, you can't afford to lose customers by shipping products that'll take more than a week or two.

So what do you do?

If you're dropshipping with Shopify, there are lots of dropshipping apps to pick from, but reality is almost all of them source products from Aliexpress that have ePacket shipping that takes 2-4 weeks, which was considered faster than average shipping times few years ago but not anymore. The Spocket app however has its own suppliers in the US and EU, so you'll get state of the art shipping times and product quality.

What is Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping app that lets you dropship products from US and European dropshipping suppliers, which account for 80% of the suppliers in the app. Its trusted by over 60,000 users, and has been featured on Forbes and Shopify. The app will automate the processes from when a customer places an order on your store to getting it delivered, so you can focus on marketing your business rather than having customers emailing you where is their order. So lets discuss what this app offers:

Vetted US & EU Suppliers

Absolutely! Every supplier has to go through Spocket's vetting process in order to join. They're rated based on their processing times, shipping times, and product quality. Even though there aren't product reviews, you can have the piece of mind that your supplier won't disappoint, you can check the supplier reviews and order a sample product to see for yourself. Here's how the vetting requires:

  • High quality products: all suppliers are the producers of high-quality products, most of which are produced and shipped from Europe or North America
  • No third party warehouses: all suppliers are required to manufacture or hold their own inventory - no third party warehouses allowed!
  • Discount on retail prices: all suppliers are required to offer discounted pricing off of their regular retail price to ensure Spocket dropshippers can make a profit off of their sales
  • Fast order processing and shipping: all suppliers are required to abide by the processing and shipping time frames they have specified in order to offer customers the best experience

Check Spocket's Help Center to learn more.

Branded Invoicing

When you're dropshipping from AliExpress, you have no control over the packaging of your products, and they might include branding of the supplier based in China. All packages shipped from Spocket's suppliers don't include any outside branding, but you can add your branded invoice into the package that includes your logo and contact information. Check out Spocket's article about branded invoicing.

Fast Shipping

You know it feels like forever to receive your products, especially when suppliers are based in China, and you shouldn't make your customers feel that way either. Spocket's shipping options range from a mind-blowing 1 to 3 days all the way to 8-14 days, and very few are slightly above 15 days for both US, EU, and international customers. US customers may get faster shipping, but the international orders can be as quick as 4-7 days, which is faster than AliExpress ePacket 15-25 days shipping.

Dropshipping + Print On Demand

You can mix in some print on demand products with your dropshipping products from the same app! Sure you can use POD apps like Printful, but now you have to manage two different apps simultaneously and make sure your shipping options on checkout don't conflict each other, so you see its going to be a mess if you chose that route. However, if you're just going for Print on Demand, then yes I recommend using Printful over Spocket since thats their speciality. If you're dropshipping and using POD, then stick to Spocket. Even though the POD isn't as diverse as Printful, they have couple of great POD suppliers. Here are some Print on Demand suppliers that Spocket offers:

AliExpress Integration

Since the suppliers have to go through the vetting process before selling on Spocket, this'll will filter out a lot of suppliers that may not be the best but may provide reasonable product quality and shipping. So if you don't find the product on Spocket, you can use Spocket's chrome extension to import products from a wider range of selection that can be found on AliExpress, but personally I'll just stick to Spocket suppliers if I'm building a long-term dropshipping brand unless the product is so good you can't resist not selling it, then you may use AliExpress if you couldn't find it on Spocket.


Even though there are a lot of dropshipping apps that automate some or all the dropshipping processes involved, most of them only work on AliExpress, but with today's competition in the ecommerce world, thats not what you want to do especially if you're building a high quality brand that can last for as much you want it to. Spocket took the extra mile by providing their own vetted suppliers, and ensuring their products and shipping are up to latest standards.

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